For Teachers

provides the following
Educational Resources for Washington State Teachers:

  • NEW!
    A Set of 7 Lesson Plans to Accompany Cultural Heritage Tour Guides

    The lesson plans are designed such that each one can be used with any one of our nine (9) cultural heritage tour guides. Five of the lesson plans are appropriate for state social studies curriculum or Washington state history, culture and geography. Two have an arts focus. Go to Lesson Plans.
  • Educational Curriculum Unit:
    King County and Western Washington Cultural Geography, Communities, Their History and Traditions
    Designed for Use by Washington State 7th and 8th grade Social Studies teachers for Washington State Culture and History curriculum
    Classroom-Based Assessment Unit for ENDURING CULTURES.
  • Set of 5 Lesson Plans to Use with Traditional Arts Database
    These 5 lesson plans are intended for use by Social Studies teachers, 4th grade and higher, who are teaching Washington State Culture and History. They can be downloaded as .pdfs and are designed to be used with the Traditional Arts Database on this website. Go to Lesson Plans.
  • A List of Traditional Artists Available to Give School Presentations
    A number of traditional artists have indicated that they are willing to be contacted directly by schools and/or classroom teachers for possible school presentations. A list of these artists and more information is available in a downloadable pdf file available here.